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RIPE is the RIR with the most liberal transfer policies. In RIPE legacy address blocks can be bought and sold (even partial blocks) without a needs test and without the requirement that the recipient become a RIPE member or that the addresses lose their legacy status.

RIPE addresses come in two broad categories, known as  PA and PI, and both of these can be transferred.

RIPE has a last /8 policy which provides a single /22 for each new member, but no more. This policy has had the effect of keeping the RIPE free pool quite full.

RIPE provides some services for market participants, including a list of recognized brokers and a list where buyers and sellers can post need and availability. RIPE also provides a log of all transfers and a page of transfer statistics.

IPTrading is a long-time recognized RIPE Broker.

IPTrading is also a RIPE member and has access to the RIPE Transfer listing service, which is restricted to RIPE members only.

RIPE transfers can be tricky, with various requirements for the different types of addresses transferred. For example, PI transfers require an LIR sponsor, and as a RIPE LIR, IPTrading can assist in these cases.

RIPE addresses can be transferred to account holders at RIPE, ARIN, or APNIC, with RIPE processing needs-tests for addresses originating in ARIN and APNIC, but the test will require only a five year plan to use the half the transferred addresses.

RIPE does not charge any transfer fees, but it does restrict resale of transferred addresses for two years after the transfer.


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LACNIC began its IPv4 transfer era on March 14th, 2016 by implementing proposal LAC-2015-1 which we authored. We are proud to have played a part in inaugurating a market which we believe will be transparent to the LACNIC community, result in accurate Whois records, and provides an avenue for address-starved companies to acquire necessary address space.


We invite interested parties to meet with us in Havana at the LACNIC meeting in May.

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