IPTrading offers two options for those interested in leasing. First, we can lease space for a specific term like 1 year, 2 years, etc. At the end of the term the leases are returned to the owner.


We also offer a lease-to-own method where the addresses are transferred to the Lessee's account at the relevant Regional Internet Registry immediately, and payments are made over a negotiated time-frame with a third-party Lessor.


So if you have a need for address space for a limited time, the first option is a great choice. If you have an immediate need for more addresses than you can afford to pay for upfront, the second option will allow you time for the addresses to generate revenue as you pay for them over time, all the while being the registered owner of the address-rights.


Contact us if interested.

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IPTrading ITPalooza


IPTrading will once again be a Gold Sponsor with a booth at the ITPalooza on December 7th here in South Florida. Hope you can visit with us to learn about your IPv4 options.

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