LACNIC - the Latin American and Caribbean region

LACNIC UPDATE MAY 2016 - Please read our LACNIC25 report here

LACNIC began its IPv4 transfer era on March 14th, 2016 by implementing proposal LAC-2015-1 which we authored. We are proud to have played a part in inaugurating a market which we believe will be transparent to the LACNIC community, result in accurate Whois records, and provides an avenue for address-starved companies to acquire necessary address space.

Basically these are the rules:

  • Minimum transfer size of /24
  • Buyer must meet current LACNIC policies regarding justified need for the purchased addresses
  • Seller can't receive more LACNIC addresses for a year after sale
  • Transferred blocks must be held by the buyer for a year
  • LACNIC-allocated blocks must be held by the registrant for three years before sale is allowed
  • Legacy resources will lose their legacy status if transferred.
  • LACNIC will provide a public log of all transfers
  • LACNIC charges a $1000 transfer fee for blocks up to /20, $1500 for larger blocks
  • LACNIC will charge the buyer a non-refundable $200 fee before LACNIC will process the transfer justification

At IPTrading we are already active as brokers in the LACNIC region, and also active in the LACNIC policy development process. We believe that additional work is required at LACNIC to provide a firm basis for a safe, predictable, and vibrant IPv4 transfer market.  To those ends, we will be working with the LACNIC community to consider the addition of these services or policies:

  • Sellers must be protected from revokation for failure to utilize addresses which are for sale
  • Public recognition of legitimate IPv4 brokers who adhere to an agreement with LACNIC and/or become paying members of the LACNIC community
  • Publicizing the list of these recognized brokers to LACNIC members
  • Provision for pre-justification of buyers to reduce uncertainty when they go to the market
  • Lowering the transfer fee for small transfers

If you are interested in buying or selling IPv4 space in the LACNIC region, please contact one of our regional brokers, Daniel Miroli or Eric Ottens.

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