Cleaning IP addresses

IPv4 addresses have reputational characteristics based on their prior usage history. Some of these characteristics are more easily changed than others, and some characteristics can significantly reduce the value of an IPv4 address. We can repair address block reputation.


  • Public blacklists
  • Geolocation
  • Private blacklists
  • Experienced with SORBS, Barracuda, RATS, CBL, OSPAM, Spamcop, Spamhaus and others

Contact us for a quote if you are a buyer, seller, or owner of an address block whose reputation needs repair.


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IPTrading announces partnership with top Japanese broker


IPTrading met with the top Japanese broker to cement our working relationship. IPTrading works with brokers from around the world to present our clients with their best opportunities. We are happy to announce our relationship with Mr. Masayasu Nishino of IPITEN, a division of Geolocation Technology

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