ARIN- the North American region

ARIN policy allows for transfers to ARIN, APNIC, or RIPE members, and transfers due to mergers or acquisitions. ARIN does not require a transfer be processed when a company is acquired.


For all in-policy ARIN transfers, the recipient must demonstrate a justified need for the addresses. If the recipient is in the ARIN region, the need for the addresses must be justified over a two year time frame. If the recipient is out of region, the recipient's RIR performs the needs test according to that RIR's policy.


ARIN provides services for those participating in the transfer market, including a list of transfer facilitators, a pre-approval process for buyers and sellers, and a listing service for those who wish to publish their desire to buy or sell.


IPTrading is active in ARIN policy development and is an ARIN member and the one of the first recognized ARIN brokers.



News, Events, and Blog Highlights

LACNIC began its IPv4 transfer era on March 14th, 2016 by implementing proposal LAC-2015-1 which we authored. We are proud to have played a part in inaugurating a market which we believe will be transparent to the LACNIC community, result in accurate Whois records, and provides an avenue for address-starved companies to acquire necessary address space.


We invite interested parties to meet with us in Havana at the LACNIC meeting in May.

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