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IPv4 addresses can be transferred among APNIC members and also between RIPE and ARIN members. We have completed many transfers in the APNIC region, including the world's first inter-regional transfer in 2012. APNIC has special transfer policies in place regarding historical resources, or address space allocated before APNIC's organization. We have completed transfers of historical resources in the APNIC region, there are a few hoops to jump through which we can help navigate. 

In addition to transfers involving only IP address blocks, APNIC allows for transfers due to mergers and acquisitions, and transfers of AS numbers.

APNIC charges a fairly high transfer fee equal to 20% of the annual membership fees for the block size transferred.  In the case of inter-regional transfers, transfer fees must be paid to both ARIN and APNIC before Whois is updated in a roughly coordinated manner at both registries. RIPE has no transfer fee.

APNIC has a community of National Internet Registries, or NIRs, which may have their own transfer policies. Some APNIC NIRs do not allow addresses to transfer out of those registries and will only accept inbound transfers. When processing an inter-regional transfer to an NIR, ARIN will interface with APNIC, and then APNIC will interface with the NIR.

APNIC maintains a publicly accessible log of all transfers in ftp and http formats. This log records the block, seller, buyer, and transfer date, but not the price of the addresses transferred. APNIC is not at any point privy to pricing information, which is usually confidential and known only to the deal participants.

APNIC does not have "anti-flip" language requiring a time period before re-transfer of blocks is permitted.

APNIC has a policy in effect which allows for allocations only in the size of a /22 and only twice per member who can demonstrate a need. So the APNIC free pool will continue to exist for some time based on this limitation.

APNIC provides some services for those in the transfer market, including a pre-approval process for buyers, a mailing list for buyers and sellers, and a list of approved brokers who have signed a Deed of Covenant with APNIC. IPTrading.com was the first approved broker at APNIC.

IPTrading has completed transfers involving parties in these APNIC countries: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Singapore, and Thailand.

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IPTrading APRICOT 2017


IPTrading's Mike Burns presented at APRICOT 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City on March 1st. Mike offered inside observations on his decade in the opaque IPv4 transfer market. 

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