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IPTrading is an IPv4 broker dedicated to helping customers buy and sell IPv4 addresses. At IPTrading our goal is to close the deal. We've been participating in  IPv4 transactions since 2001 and we provide complete support from start to finish. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of IPv4 transfers. Our very early involvement, expertise, and integrity set us apart.

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Join us at the LACNIC/LACNOG meeting in Bogota from September 28th to October 2nd.  We will be presenting policy proposal 2015-1 to initiate transfers in LACNIC, and we will be meeting with and listening to LACNIC members as they describe their needs and concerns as we transition to a post-exhaust world.  Currently there is no way for LACNIC members to get their IPv4 needs fulfilled except by engaging in some sort of out-of-policy transfer. This could be through acquisition of a shell company with IPv4 assets, or through some an address-leasing arrangement with an address holder, or by creating a business entity in another region and receiving a transfer under that region's policies.  We can help those in this situation, but we think the best way forward is to allow for open, policy-compliant transfers in the LACNIC region, and for LACNIC to participate in the global market via the adoption of an inter-regional transfer policy as well.

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