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IPTrading is an IPv4 broker dedicated to helping customers buy and sell IPv4 addresses. At IPTrading our goal is to close the deal. We've been participating in  IPv4 transactions since 2001 and we provide complete support from start to finish. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of IPv4 transfers. Our very early involvement, expertise, and integrity set us apart.

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ARIN has received a justified request for IPv4 addresses which they can not fulfill. This prompted the activation of the Unmet Request Policy, which calls for a waiting list to be established. Requestors whose request can not be met are given the option of accepting the largest size available or being listed on the waiting list. Those on the waiting list may see their needs addressed in the future should ARIN recover addresses or receive more from IANA. Those who choose to receive the largest available size will get a /23 and the opportunity to re-apply in three months. As of July 1st, there are only /23s and /24s left in inventory. Unlike APNIC, RIPE, and LACNIC, the RIRs who have already reached exhaust, ARIN made no policy provisions for the reserve of some portion of the free pool for a gradual runout. RIPE and APNIC allow a /22, once, to each applicant, from the last /8 in their free pools. LACNIC has a similar policy limiting allocations to a /22 maximum from a reserved pool. This makes ARIN's exhaust qualitatively different from the other RIRs. ARIN's is a hard exhaust and the only option for ARIN members seeking IPv4 addresses is the transfer market.  It remains to be seen if this expected increase in demand will have an effect on IPv4 pricing.


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